Study Skills & Test Prep

This package fosters necessary study skills and test taking strategies for students in middle and high school.  Students learn crucial organizational tools that assist them in preparing for and taking exams and assessments.  This program runs once a week for six weeks and has no more than 5 students per group.  If your student comes home with a backpack full of disorganization, or has difficulty taking tests, consider this course!

California High School Exit Exam:
At Clever Minds, individual tutoring has been proven to be the best and most efficient form of preparation for the High School Exit Exam. Students review skills tested in math and English through practice tests and drills.

Study Skills
Can't thank you and Mel's tutor enough... she scored a 94% on her final, and that brought her Algebra 2A grade to a B (86%)! Big change from the C- (71) she had when she first walked through your door ... and in record time. I wasn't sure she could bring that grade up that high.”
Karen Jones, parent