Students in groups of 3-5 will partake in a preparation course designed for the SAT exam. The students meet twice a week: one session is math, the other session is critical reading and writing. Clever Minds uses a variety of test materials to prepare students for the changes on the SAT. All materials are provided except for a graphing calculator.

2018/2019 SAT Prep Schedule:

  • Oct 6 Test Date | Class: Sept 4th - Oct 4th

  • Nov 3 Test Date | Class: Oct 9th - Nov 1st

  • March 9 Test Date | Class: Jan 8th - March 7th

  • May 4 Test Date | March 12th - May 2nd

  • June 1 Test Date | May 7th - May 30th

Please call to sign-up for SAT Prep courses.

ACT Prep Schedule

ACT Prep is on an individual basis. Please contact us for more information or to sign-up.