WiNter Athlete Program


Clever Minds provides educational services for athletes requiring assistance with their schooling while traveling. We work with students who participate in alpine racing, freestyle skiing, big mountain skiing, snowboarding, and nordic skiing. Students take part in an Independent Study program from their traditional school, which allows more time on the mountains for training and traveling. We provide the primary instruction in core and elective courses, and communicate with the primary classroom teacher via email, fax, and phone.

Our Winter Athlete Program allows students to go chase championships and find themselves a spot on the US Ski Team or U.S. Snowboarding and Development Teams.

Here are just a few examples of skiing achievements made by our Winter Athletes over the past 12 years:

  • 2016:
    • State GS Champion
    • 3rd Place in Tahoe Junior Freeride Series
    • Combined Athlete for Far West Junior Nationals
    • Podium at Mammoth Open Super G
    • Podium at U16 Far West Junior Championship Qualifier
    • 2nd Year U.S. Snowboard Team
    • 3rd Year U.S. Ski Team
    • 2nd Year U.S. Ski Development Team
    • Western Region Selected Athlete to Race in Europe
    • Participants in Junior Olympics and Nationals
  • 2015:
    • 2nd place in Junior World's Snowboarding Championships
    • State Snowboard Champion
    • National Collegiate All-Academic Ski Team
    • First Year U.S. Snowboard Team
    • First Year U.S. Ski Development Team
    • Participants in Junior Olympics and U.S. Nationals
  • 2014:
    • 1st place U16 Junior Championships Qualifier
    • 1st place Wild West
    • Podium: Mono Cup
    • Sun Valley Revolution Tour
    • Mammoth Revolution Tour
    • Competitor: Snowboarding FIS Junior World’s Championships
  • 2013:
    • 1st Place U.S. Nationals Junior Men
    • 1st Place USASA National Championship
    • Podiums: U14 Championships
    • Randy Davis Memorial Blowout
  • 2011-2012: First Year US Ski Team
  • 2012: Men's J2 National Champion
  • 2011: Women's J2 National Champion
  • 2012: Podiums at Boarder Cross, Skier Cross, and Big Mountain Events
  • 2004-2012: Podiums at all Junior Olympics Events: Alpine and Freestyle



“As a ski racer who is traveling most of the school year, my study time is limited. It is important that I make the most of this time and I have found that using a tutor is the best way to maintain my focus and improve the quality of my education. My high school education would have been much more difficult and near impossible had I not used a tutor.”

Chris, 12th grade