We believe all students will learn when given appropriate individual academic tools, a positive and safe learning environment, and necessary reinforcement to elevate self-confidence.

Clever Minds provides tutoring and instruction in Math, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, SAT, ACT, CAHSEE and ISHEE test prep, home-school instruction, winter athlete academic support, and Summer Study 2015.

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Top 10 Reasons for Summer Learning

10. Summer School offers alternative teaching styles to meet individual needs of each student.

9. Continuity of learning keeps the brain active.

8. Get clarification of difficult subjects.

7. Boost academic confidence by increasing academic skills.

6. Book Club and Science Experiments are fun and social.

5. Work in small groups or individually.

4. Prepare for ACT and SAT tests.

3. Avoid the "Summer Slide" and "Autumn Slump."

2. Get ahead for next school year.

1. Lighten the high school year workload by taking a course for credit.

Courses for Credit

Clever Minds is now accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and able to offer courses for high school credit. Accreditation by WASC provides another option for students to complete coursework necessary for high school graduation and college acceptance.

“I was first introduced to Clever Minds during high school, when my schedule was more like that of a traveling salesman than a student. The instructors always ensured that I was on top of my schoolwork and inspired me to truly enjoy the learning process, which is why I returned throughout college. I truly believe that without all the people at Clever Minds I would not have the skills required to perform my current role as an equity analyst on Wall Street."
Chris Colpitts