Student: David Lodge
Parent: Cathy Lodge

“Vicki Isacowitz and her staff at Clever Minds provided a professional but warm environment for our son, David so that he could get the extra time and assistance he needed to successfully complete his classes while attending Prosser Creek Charter School and Forest Charter School. David received tutoring in English & Mathematics throughout his school years and Vicki was a big part of David's education and growing up years. We appreciate everything she and Clever Minds have provided!”



Home School Program, Individual Tutoring, and Summer Program

Student: Kathleen “Beenie” Grigoleit
Parent: Liz Dugan

“We are so lucky to have Clever Minds a part of Kathleen's education. I truly believe they gave her the confidence, support and understanding of school work as well as her own ability!”


Winter Athlete Program

Student: Diana Abbott
Parent: Jo Abbott

“Diana is in the winter athlete program. It is an easy transition from St. Helena Catholic School to Clever Minds. Because of her private tutoring at Clever Minds, Diana returns to her school ahead in subject matter and very confident. They really work with your schedule to make it work for the child.”


Home School Program

Student: Trey Miller
Parent: Dawn Evans

“I was thrilled with the quality of education my son Trey received at Clever Minds. Not only did he complete the curriculum quickly, he retained all that he learned and excelled in his next math class at Bishop Manogue. I would recommend Clever Minds to anyone who needs a boost in their capabilities, a classroom replacement or a refresher class.”



Sean, 9th grade
Truckee High School

“At first, I didn’t want to go to Clever Minds.  I don’t like talking to people I don’t know.  I showed up, met my tutor and started working.  I have had a tutor help me before, but it got me nowhere.  When I was at Clever Minds my grades went from bad to good almost instantly.  If you are like me and hate the idea of having a tutor, you’ll have to trust me, Clever Minds is the best.”

Courtney, 10th grade
North Tahoe High School

“Clever Minds has helped me tremendously in my reading and comprehension skills.  Vicki has also been a tremendous help in my Biology and confidence in reading aloud.  The environment is uplifting and I always look forward to coming, ready to learn.  Clever Minds is an experience I will never forget.”

Cameron, 5th grade

“I have had a miraculous time here at Clever Minds.  The tutors here are amazing.  If anyone thinks that there is any tutor that is better, I know there is no one better than Clever Minds!"

Chris, 12th grade

“As a ski racer who is traveling most of the school year, my study time is limited. It is important that I make the most of this time and I have found that using a tutor is the best way to maintain my focus and improve the quality of my education. My high school education would have been much more difficult and near impossible had I not used a tutor.”



Heather Hall

“Imagine my terror when I learned I had to take a math test for work! My daughter has been attending Clever Minds successfully for years, so I immediately turned to Vickie because I was apprehensive about my rusty math skills. She assigned Danielle to my case. Danielle was friendly and non-intimidating as she patiently worked through all the practice questions with me over three sessions. I felt prepared and confident when I took my test and passed with flying colors! It was such a relief to succeed on that test and I could not have done it without the support of Clever Minds. Thank you!”

Sue Gross

“I could not be more satisfied with the tutoring and quality of the staff at Clever Minds.  My kids have been tutored in three different subjects and I have been impressed with the strides they have made since coming here.  The teacher’s education levels are also extremely impressive.”

Maria Montano

“Clever Minds is an amazing learning center.  My son participated in a summer creative writing class in the park and didn’t want the class to end.  This school year, my son took private tutoring with Katie in spelling.  His spelling grade came up two levels and he loved going to Clever Minds each week.  The great thing about his spelling is it has carried over to his free writing as well.  This summer we are excited to try the math classes.  Learning is always fun here!”

Patty Farrantine

“This is a wise use of time for any kid who needs some extra help for a class.  One hour a week can make a huge difference.  The staff here seems to make every minute work.”

Connie Richner

"That’s where a tutor comes in. A tutor is a teacher who focuses her training, experience and knowledge on just one person, your child. There are no distractions. There is nothing interfering with your child’s learning. When your child learns and wants to learn, that spells success.   Along with success comes the added bonus of increased self-esteem and willingness to challenge one’s self to try harder.”